I’m Lacy Thompson, Jr. and currently HumanKind is in a state of confusion. We do not understand Who We Are – our True Nature. We do not understand Where We Are in the context of evolution. And we do not understand the Forces Acting Upon Us.
This puts us as a species in a very precarious position. ‘Civilization’ has brought us an incredible abundance of incredible advances in food production, medicine, energy, technology, and scientific understanding of our place in the cosmos and our archaeological past.
At present ‘Civilization’ is in the ‘driver’s seat’ of humanity and the spiritual cost has been enormous. The design of human is to be highly dependent upon our fellow man and to live in bands of 30 – 40 individuals bound by love, trust and self transcendence.
All the heroic traits of empathy, consideration, love, and self sacrifice were formed into our human DNA by the crucible of thousands of years of interdependence.
That extreme dependence upon each other has been replaced with a dependence upon an external system. Cooperation has been superseded by competition.
This contextual shift is not a small change. It is an Existential Threat!
This web site is dedicated to disappearing the confusion and replacing it with a more accurate model of who we are and our true nature. This is crucial for putting us as individuals on a path towards happiness and fulfillment.
The journey is in two parts and on two different web sites. YourHeroJourney.org is committed to supporting you on your own hero journey. I believe the whole hero journey is about returning to our true nature and being inner directed. Seeing our nature of self transcendence. It is a paradigm shift to a more scientifically based understanding of what anthropology tells us about our own true nature, and a look inwards toward our own inner spiritual guidance that was formed over millennia.
The second part of the journey is Re-Tribe.org which deals with finding and connecting with others who share your concerns and values and returning to an Interdependent form of living.
Re-Tribing is ONLY possible with people who have made the individual shifts to committing to their own self transcendent Hero Journey. It Will NOT Work with those who are playing the independent ‘survival’ game that the current system of socialization has overwritten our natural programming with.
I wish you well on your hero journey and any comments and suggestions you have to make this website more effective are greatly appreciated.
I can be reached at Lacy@Eco-Tribe.org