the life of your dreams does not exist –
you must create it

Your Hero Journey

Who is your hero?
A Hero embodies the traits we find most admirable. I believe no person on the planet should be able to embody your highest values than you!
I’m Lacy Thompson, Jr. and I believe all humans are born heroes. Unfortunately, the socialization process disconnects us from our spirits.
The reason Hero stories move us is because that is what resonates with our spirit. Every one of us has a Hero inside that is longing to find expression.
This site is intended to help you connect with and develop the Hero that is deep within your Spirit.
No one should be able to embody the traits you find most worthy than you.
That is what you are designed for and the destiny that lies before you.

Joseph Campbell – How This Site Complements His Work

‘ My general formula for my students is ‘Follow Your Bliss!’ We expand on why following your Bliss is heroic and leads to happiness, fulfillment and contribution. more….

Discover And Create Your Own Hero Journey

The Life of Your Dreams Does Not Exist, You Must Create It


Regain Balance And Find Your Footing

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What Is Needed To Re-Tribe


New Stories, Paradigms and Myths

Culture is a Game that is defined by collective stories that define it and give it norms and collective understanding about who we are and the roles we play in


Alignment With Our True Nature Is Crucial

Our Integrity, Sense of Well Being, and Happiness Are At Stake
Within our DNA reside the collective wisdom of countless humans who have gone before us and left us with natural inclinations and instincts which point the way not only to Survival but Thrival.

Who We Really Are

You and I were never designed for independent survival. We were designed to depend upon each other living in a Tribe. We are designed for Love, Cooperation, and Contribution.
To be on your own outside the tribe was a death sentence. The independent survival paradigm of our culture is the primary cause of anxiety and a sense of meaningless.

Who We Became

‘Civilization’ has displaced our Natural dependence upon each other with a dependence upon an external system which creates Anxiety and a loss of Purpose.
Civilization is just a ‘Game’. Your parents taught you the game because their parents taught them the game and they thought there was no other way for you to ‘Survive’.

Who We Must Become

With the advent of A.I. and and societal changes, dependence wholly upon the external system is no longer compatible with our Humanity.
We MUST restore some sense of Stability and return to a Hybrid system that puts our Primary Dependence upon Each Other.
Love, Cooperation, and Contribution must restore a return to Values in alignment with our Humanity.

Imagine A Planet With Over 8 Billion Heroes !

It’s The One Change That Will Change Everything !

At the present the bulk of HumanKind is dependent upon an un-natural system that demands exponential growth and is destroying the Environment.
As HumanKind becomes ‘unconfused’ and awakens to our true nature an entirely different world will start to emerge.

Culture Is Just A Game